What Brother Lazer Printer Uses Tn 360? (Solved)

Brother Genuine TN360 High-yield Mono Laser Toner Cartridge. For use with: DCP-7030, DCP-7040, HL-2140, HL-2170W, MFC-7340, MFC-7345N, MFC-7440N, MFC-7840W.

What printer uses tn221 toner?

Brother Genuine TN221BK is for use with: HL-3140CW, HL-3170CDW, HL-3180CDW, MFC-9130CW, MFC-9330CDW, MFC-9340CDW.

What printer uses TN450?

Brother Genuine TN450 is for use with: DCP-7060D, DCP-7065DN, IntelliFax-2840, IntelliFAX-2940, HL-2220, HL-2230, HL-2240, HL-2240D, HL-2270DW, HL-2275DW, HL-2280DW, MFC-7240, MFC-7360N, MFC-7365DN, MFC-7460DN, MFC-7860DW.

Are TN660 and TN760 interchangeable?

Answer: No, you can’t. The TN660 and the TN760 are the high yield toner cartridge compatible with different machines. Therefore, they can not be use in the same printer. There is a list of Brother printers on the toner box for which that cartridge can be used.

What toner does Brother HL-2140 use?

TRU RED™ Remanufactured Black High Yield Toner Cartridge Replacement for Brother (TN-360) is eco-friendly HL-2140 Toner Cartridge and starts at $48.99. Brother TN-360 Black High-Yield Toner Cartridge is eco-friendly HL-2140 Toner Cartridge and starts at $64.99.

What Brother printers use TN 221 toner?

Brother Genuine TN-221BK is for use with Brother laser printers and all-in-ones: HL-3140CW, HL-3170CDW, HL-3180CDW, MFC-9130CW, MFC-9330CDW, and MFC-9340CDW.

Is TN760 compatible with TN450?

Here’s a list of top Brother toner cartridges with a list of printers they are compatible with: Brother TN420 / TN450 Cartridges. Brother TN730 / TN760 Cartridges. Brother TN820 / TN850 Cartridges.

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Can you use non-Brother ink in Brother printer?

Using non-Brother supplies may affect hardware performance, print quality, and machine reliability since the formulation of genuine Brother ink prevents smearing and clogging of the print head. The Brother limited warranty doesn’t apply to any problem that was caused by the use of third-party ink and/or cartridges.

What does HL stand for in Brother printers?

Showing 1-2 of 2 answers. The letters “HL” are a Brother line of laser printers. The letters “DW” mean that the printer can print duplex and connects wirelessly.

Can Brother printers use compatible ink cartridges?

Generic inks can actually work very well with your Brother printers even in the long term. To make good use of it, you just have to make sure that your ink supplier has generic ink cartridges with the most updated microchip so that it will be compatible with your printer.

How do I reset my Brother HL 2140 printer?

It is possible to manually reset the printer to remove this message:

  1. Ensure the printer is turned off.
  2. Open the printer front cover.
  3. Hold the Go button while turning the printer on.
  4. When the Toner, Drum, and Error LEDs are on and the Ready LED is off, release the GO button.
  5. Press the Go button two (2) times.

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