How To Factory Reset A Brother Printer? (Question)

Press the Up arrow key select Reset.

  1. Press the Settings button.
  2. Press All Settings.
  3. Press Initial Setup.
  4. Press Reset.
  5. Press All Settings or Factory Reset (depends on which model you have).
  6. Press Yes.
  7. Press Yes again and hold for two seconds.

How do I clear my Brother printer?

To determine if this is the case, right click on the available driver and left click on Printer Properties. If you are given the option to choose the Brother Printer Driver, then it is installed. Cancel the print jobs. To cancel all documents click Printer => Cancel All Documents (or Purge Print Documents).

What does machine reset do on Brother printer?

Use the Machine Reset function to reset the machine’s settings to the factory settings. The network settings and the security settings will not be reset by the Machine Reset function.

How do I reset my Brother HL 1110?

Brother Toner Reset – HL1110 and HL1210W

  1. Press the power button 7 times to enter continue mode.
  2. Done. You should now be able to print fine.
  3. If you want to exit continue mode press the power button 7 times.

How do I reset my Brother machine?

Press [Settings]>[All Settings]>[Initial Setup]>[Reset]>[Machine Reset]. You will be asked to reboot the machine. Press the option in the table to reboot the machine or to exit the process.

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How do I factory reset my Brother MFC l8900cdw?

You can use the Factory Reset function to restore all settings on your Brother machine back to the factory default settings.

  1. Unplug all interface cables connected to the machine (USB or Ethernet).
  2. Press.
  3. Press All Settings.
  4. Press Initial Setup.
  5. Press Reset.
  6. Press Factory Reset.

What is Brother printer default password?

The default password for most of the models of brother printer is “access”. 7. You can also use Web-Based Management or BR Admin Light to change this password.

How do I reset my Brother HL L2305W?

Brother HL-L2305W Toner reset Procedure Hold the ‘GO’ button down while turning the printer on. After 3 seconds release the ‘GO’ button. “USER MODE” will appear. Press the “GO” button NINE times.

How do I reset my Brother HL l2350dw printer?

Reset Your Brother Machine

  1. Press or to display the [Initial Setup] option, and then press OK.
  2. Press or to display the [Reset] option, and then press OK.
  3. Press or to choose the type of reset you want to perform, and then press OK.
  4. Press.
  5. Press for [Yes]. The machine will restart.

How do I reset my Brother HL 1212w?

FAQs & Troubleshooting

  1. Make sure the power cord is plugged in, the top cover is closed and the machine is turned off.
  2. While holding down. (Power On/Off), open and close the top cover.
  3. Release. (Power On/Off). Make sure that all the LEDs turn off.
  4. Press. (Power On/Off) six times. The machine will restart.

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