How To Clear Printer Spooler Brother Windows 7? (Best solution)

Open the Control Panel. (Click here to see how to open the Control Panel.) Click Hardware and Sound = Devices and Printers.

  1. Click Go and choose Applications.
  2. Double click Utilities.
  3. Double click Printer Setup Utility.
  4. Double click your printer.
  5. Choose the print job (1) and click Delete (2).

How do I clear the print spooler in Windows 7?

How do I clear the print queue if a document is stuck?

  1. On the host, open the Run window by pressing the Windows logo key + R.
  2. In the Run window, type services.
  3. Scroll down to Print Spooler.
  4. Right click Print Spooler and select Stop.
  5. Navigate to C:WindowsSystem32spoolPRINTERS and delete all files in the folder.

How do I clear my Brother printer history?

How to Delete Printer History

  1. Click the “Hardware and Sound” link in the Control Panel options. Select the “Printers” link in the Hardware and Sound sub-menu.
  2. Locate your printer’s icon link in the pop-up window that appears.
  3. Right-click over the printer history and/or activity you want to delete.
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How do I clear a Brother printer error?

To clear these messages, follow these steps:

  1. Press the ON/OFF key to turn the Brother machine off.
  2. Unplug the Brother machine from the electrical outlet.
  3. Wait approximately ten seconds.
  4. Plug the Brother machine back into the electrical outlet.
  5. Press the ON/OFF key to turn the Brother machine on.

How do I clear a blocked printer queue?

When you can’t remove a print job from the printing queue window by right-clicking the stuck job and clicking Cancel, you can try restarting your PC. This will sometimes remove offending items from the queue. If conventional methods and restarting your PC doesn’t clear the stuck job, move on to the next steps.

How do I clear my printer’s memory?

Click “See What’s Printing.” Open the “Printer” menu, pick “Cancel All Documents” and choose “Yes.” The list should clear within a few seconds. If one or more print jobs remain on the list, reboot your computer to clear out the memory.

Where is the printer spooler in Windows 7?

Step 1: Click the Start button at the bottom-left corner of the screen. Step 2: Type services. msc into the search field at the bottom of the menu, then press Enter on your keyboard. Step 3: Scroll down the list (it is sorted alphabetically) until you find the Print Spooler option.

How do I remove information from my printer?

There are multiple ways.

  1. Unplug your printer for a while. This will delete data if there’s no local storage.
  2. Clear the direct email function. If your printer has this feature, make sure to delete your password before getting rid of the printer.
  3. Wipe the disk drive.
  4. Destroy the hard drive.
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How can I see my Brother printer history?

FAQs & Troubleshooting

  1. Confirm the printer information report setting. Open the Printer Setting Tool. (Refer to “Using the Printer Setting Tool (for Windows)”.)
  2. Print the printer information report from your printer. Press and hold the Feed & Cut button on the printer. The usage log will be printed.

How do I delete old print jobs?

Click Start, and then click Run. In the Open box, type control printers, and then click OK. Right-click the icon for your printer, and then click Open. To cancel individual print jobs, right-click the print job that you want to cancel, and then click Cancel.

How do I get my printer out of error state?

Sometimes, simply restarting both your computer and printer can be the solution to the “printer in error state” issue. Power off your printer and computer completely, leaving them in this state for a few minutes, then turn them on again to see if the problem is gone.

Why does Brother printer Say error?

Difficulty printing from your PC can occur for various reasons. The most common reason a networked Brother machine may stop printing, is because the connection between the computer and the Brother machine is lost. This can occur as a result of wrong settings or configuration of the printer driver.

Why is the paper light blinking on my Brother printer?

The Paper LED flashing can be caused by no paper in the manual feed slot, a paper jam, the front cover is open, the back cover is open, dust on the drum, or not having a drum installed. Be sure that the drum unit and toner cartridge assembly is installed in the machine before continuing.

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How do I turn off Windows print spooler?

From the Services panel, scroll down and double-click on “Print Spooler.” When the Print Spooler Properties window opens, select the drop-down next to “Startup Type:” and pick “Disabled.” Select the “Stop” button to halt the service and select the “Ok” button to apply the changes.

How do you delete a print job that won’t delete?

8 Fixes to Delete a Stuck Print Job in Windows

  1. Delete a Print Job through Your Printer Settings or Buttons.
  2. Use Windows Settings to Delete a Print Job.
  3. Use Control Panel to Delete a Print Job in Windows.
  4. Use Command Prompt to Delete a Print Job.
  5. Use Windows Services to Delete a Print Job.
  6. Reset the Print Spooler.

How do I clear the print spooler in CMD?

How to: Clear print spooler via CMD (Windows)

  1. Step 1: Open CMD. Open CMD from start menu by typing cmd or Win+R / cmd.
  2. Step 2: Stop print spooler. Type: net stop spooler. Press enter.
  3. Step 3: Clear print spooler. Type: del %systemroot%System32spoolprinters* /Q. Press enter.
  4. Step 4: Start print spooler. Type: net start spooler.

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