Brother Printer Where Is Toner? (Question)

Open the front cover of your Brother printer to expose your toner and drum unit assembly. Pull out the assembly. Unbox your new drum unit. Looking at your toner and drum unit assembly, push down the green lever to release the toner cartridge from the old drum unit and install it into your new drum unit.

Do Brother printers have toner?

All Brother Genuine toner is specifically formulated as part of an entire printing system to work seamlessly with your Brother laser printer to provide superior results along with reliable page yields and high-quality, professional results.

How do I know if my Brother printer needs toner?

How can I tell if a toner cartridge is low?

  1. The machine liquid crystal display (LCD) displays four black squares with the letters K, Y, M, and C below.
  2. When one of the squares starts to flash, this indicates that one of the toner cartridges is running low on toner.

How do you replace a toner cartridge?

Replacing Toner Cartridges

  1. Open the front cover gently.
  2. Pull out the toner cartridge tray.
  3. Holding the toner cartridge that you want to replace by the handle, pull it straight up.
  4. Take the new toner cartridge out of the box.
  5. Take the toner cartridge out of the protective bag.
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What Brother printer do I have?

Press the Up or Down arrow key to display Machine Info. Press Machine Info. Your machine’s serial number will appear on the Touchscreen. (Home).

Is ink and toner the same thing?

In a nutshell, ink cartridges contain liquid and are used by inkjet printers and toner cartridges contain powder and are used by laser printers. Toner is a dry powdery substance that won’t stain like an ink cartridges, but it can get messy if handled improperly.

How do I check my toner level?

In the Windows Notification Area (bottom-right corner of your Windows desktop), right-click the printer icon. In the printer menu, select the “properties” or “preferences” option. In the printer settings window, the ink or toner levels are displayed for the currently-installed cartridge(s).

How do I know if my printer needs toner?

The most obvious sign of low toner cartridge is poor print quality. Streaking, lines or missed prints are all possible signs that cartridge replacement is imminent. If you have tried rocking the toner cartridge and are still getting poor prints, it is likely time to replace your cartridge.

How do I check the status of my Brother printer?

Run System Preferences, choose Printers & Scanners, and then choose the machine. Click Options Supplies. Click the Utility tab, and then click Open Printer Utility. The Status Monitor will start up.

How do I reset my Brother printer toner?

Reset process

  1. Switch-off the printer.
  2. Press and hold the on/off button.
  3. When all the LEDs turn on, open the cover and remove the toner cartridge + drum unit.
  4. Release the on/off button.
  5. Re-install the toner cartridge + drum unit back into the printer and close the printer cover.
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How do you change the toner on a Brother TN 630?

Remove the toner cartridge and drum unit from the printer. Release the toner cartridge from the drum assembly by pushing down on the green lock lever on the left side of the unit. Unbox the new toner and remove the orange protective cover. Slide the new toner into the drum assembly so it clicks into place.

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