Readers ask: What Does Xl Mean On Printer Ink?

Photograph: David Robinson. The shrinking amount of ink in cartridges has enabled manufacturers to offer a remarkable new product – called “XL” (extra large) but almost exactly the same size as the standard cartridge.

What is the difference between regular and XL ink cartridges?

The main difference between the XL and the standard is simply the amount of ink that is filled in the cartridge. The benefits of using an XL cartridge are that you won’t have to change the printer cartridge as often. The cost of printing may also be reduced as you getting better value for money.

Is it worth buying XL ink cartridges?

Absolutely! Purchasing ‘XL’ cartridges will save you time since you won’t need to purchase or change them as often. They’re also of great benefit to the environment – they use less non-renewable resources and packaging because they hold more product in the same container.

Can all printers use XL ink?

Most printers are compatible with standard yield and high yield cartridges. Some printers even accept extra high yield cartridges. Both will fit in the same cartridge slot in your printer.

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Will HP XL ink fit my printer?

Yes, the XL cartridge is the same size as the regular cartridge, and it’ll fit.

Can you use HP XL ink and regular?

You can use XL and standard cartridges together without any issue. Check for colour cartridges they might be depleted too especially if they are the one you received with the new printer ( setup ink cartridges).

How many pages does an XL ink cartridge print?

With Color XL cartridges you can print up to 1,500 pages. How many can you print with Black?”

How much more ink do you get in XL?

An XL ink cartridge can have at least 50% more ink up to twice the amount the amount of ink in a standard cartridge.

Does 65xl ink fit 65?

I recommend it! Do you find this helpful? The 65xl is larger than the 65 and can be used longer. 65 can generally print 100-200 pages, 65xl can print 600 pages of paper.

How long does XL ink last?

Ink cartridges can usually last two or three years if properly packaged and stored. But in a standard case, they will eventually dry out and become useless after this period. However, many major ink cartridge makers don’t put expiration dates on their cartridges.

Will a 564XL Fit 564?

No! The 564XL’s are extra capacity and hold about 3 times more ink than the original 564’s.

What is the difference between XL and XXL ink cartridges?

They are the same physical size, the XXL contains more ink then the XL, either will fit into the 280 slot on the canon TR2500 series printer.

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What is the difference between 62 and 62XL ink?

Whats the difference between HP 62 and 62XL ink cartridges? The ink cartridges in the HP 62XL have larger sponges so they can hold more ink and print more pages. Original HP 62XL ink cartridges effectively produce up to 3x as many prints than the standard capacity cartridges at a reduced price per page.

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