Quick Answer: Canon Printer Says Paper Jam When Not?

Any time your printer halts because of a paper jam, check the tray that holds the paper. Once you’ve done that, check to make sure that no paper is actually stuck up inside the printer itself, especially in the rollers near the tray, and try it again.

What do I do when my Canon printer says paper jam but there is none?

Quick steps to fix the Canon Printer Paper Jam Error

  1. Power off the Canon printer and disconnect the power cord.
  2. Open the printer’s paper output tray and lift the cover.
  3. Verify if jammed papers are present under the cartridge holder.
  4. Hold the paper jams firmly in both hands.
  5. Pull out the papers slowly without tearing it.

How do I reset my Canon printer after paper jam?

Remove the paper following the procedure below.

  1. Turn off the printer, and unplug the power cord of the printer from the power supply.
  2. Remove the Cassette.
  3. Set the printer upright with the left side down.
  4. Slowly pull the jammed paper out so that the paper does not tear.
  5. Align the paper, then reload it in the Cassette.
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How do you fix a false paper jam?

Remove USB cable, if present. Wait for 2-3 minutes, press and hold the power button on your printer for about 30 seconds to remove any additional charge. Now plug back the power cable straight to a wall outlet without any surge protector or an extension cord and then plug back the power cord to the printer.

Why does my printer keep saying its jammed?

If your printer keeps jamming, you should know that the most common cause of a jam is misalignment of the paper. Paper needs to load in smoothly, completely flush with the tray. Overfilling the tray is a great way to ensure you will be spending some personal time getting to know the inside of a printer.

Why is my printer saying paper jam but there is no jammed paper?

Sometimes a paper jam error persists even though there is no jammed paper (false paper jam). Reset the printer, which might clear a false paper jam error, and then try to print again. With the printer turned on, disconnect the power cord from the printer. Reconnect the power cord to a wall outlet and to the printer.

What to do when your printer says there is no paper but there is?

If you keep on getting error messages saying there is no paper in the printer, check the paper rollers and clean any specks of dust or debris. Also, make sure the paper stack is not wrinkled or bent. Take out the stack of paper and push the tray back in. Take it out again and put back the paper.

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How do you clear a paper jam on a Canon e560?

If you were not able to remove the paper out in step 1:

  1. Turn the machine off, then unplug the power cord.
  2. Stand the machine with the right side facing down.
  3. If the protective material for the transport unit remains attached, remove it.
  4. Push the open lever to open the transport unit.
  5. Pull out the jammed paper slowly.

Why does Canon printer say out of paper?

Check1 Make sure that paper is loaded. Always load the paper in portrait orientation, regardless of the printing orientation. When you load the paper, load the paper with the print side facing DOWN and slide the paper guides to align with the both sides of the paper.

Why does my Canon printer keep jamming?

Make sure your printer paper is correctly seated into the slot or tray. If Canon printer has a paper tray, do not fill the tray to capacity. Overfilling the paper tray is frequently the cause of paper jams. If the slider is not properly positioned, it can cause a paper jam.

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