Often asked: What Does The Number On Printer Ink Mean?

What does the number on ink cartridges mean? The number on an ink cartridge allows you to identify if an ink cartridge is compatible with the printer you are trying to use them in. For example, HP 304 inks are compatible with the HP Deskjet 2630 as well as the HP Envy 5032 Ink.

What do printer cartridge numbers mean?

The numbers pertains to which printer that particular package will work with. You need to look at your printer and you can tell by the ink that iis in there which number is on the ink cartridges. Either that or write down the number on your printer and ask a Best Buy representative.

Can I use 64 ink instead 62?

Sorry, this won’t work. You have to use HP 64 or HP 64XL in The United States and Canada. HP 62 cartridges are NOT for your printer, you will get message you can’t use it or printer simply won’t print.

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Can you use 63 ink instead of 62?

Sorry, no. The 61 and 63 cartridges are not interchangeable.

Can I use a different number ink cartridge?

Even though cartridges appear similar, unfortunately, they are not interchangeable. The HP 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 and HP 67 series for example, all have a similar cartridge design but work in different printers. Remove their cartridge labels and it is hard to tell them apart!

Can I use 304 instead of hp305?

HP has recently launched a new ink cartridge called the HP 305. It will not work with HP 304, HP 303, HP 302, or HP 301 ink cartridges so please make sure you only buy the cartridges that are already clearly marked in your printer.

How do I know which ink cartridge to buy?

The ink cartridge’s number is also printed within your printer’s manual. Look for the number next to the wording “Cartridge number” or “Cartridge type.” Write down the numbers on a piece of paper or take the manual with you to the store so you can locate the ink cartridge quickly.

Is HP 61 and 62 the same?

The HP 62 will not work as a replacement for the HP 61 cartridge. The HP 62 and HP 61 cartridges work on different sets of HP printers.

Will HP 62 ink work for 65?

Note: The HP 61 and the newer HP 62, HP 63, HP 64, HP 65 and HP 67 cartridges may look very similar but are not compatible and are not interchangeable.

What HP printers use 64 ink?

About this item

  • Original HP Ink is engineered to work with HP printers to provide consistent quality, reliability and value.
  • This cartridge works with: HP ENVY Inspire 7955e, 7958e; HP ENVY Photo 6220, 6222, 6230, 6232, 6252, 6255, 6258, 7134, 7155, 7158, 7164, 7830, 7855, 7858, 7864; HP Tango; HP Tango X.
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What printer uses 63 ink?

HP 63 Compatible Printers The HP 63 cartridge series works with the HP ENVY, OfficeJet and DeskJet printers. Some popular printers that use the HP 63 are: DeskJet 1110, DeskJet 1112, DeskJet 2130, DeskJet 3630, DeskJet 3636. ENVY 4520.

What ink can I use instead of HP 63?

For reason of cost – the original HP 61 ink is one of the inexpensive inkjet cartridges from HP – some users believe they can substitute it for printers requiring HP 63 ink because both have similar construction and fit into the same size of cartridge holders within the printers.

Why is HP 63 ink so expensive?

Branded ink is expensive because original equipment printer manufacturers (OEMs) claim that the technology to make ink is expensive; so much is spent on R&D, and it costs a ton of money to ensure topnotch ink quality and reliability.

Can I use HP 60 instead of 61?

Thanks! The Envy 4502 uses the 61 or 61xl cartrdiges, the 60 will not be compatible.

Can you put 2 black ink cartridges in a printer?

You can only install two black ink cartridges if your printer uses two different types of black ink. If you are trying to install a black ink cartridge in a color cartridge slot, your printer will not function and you could potentially cause damage to the machine.

Are HP 304 and 305 the same?

Are HP 304 and HP 305 ink cartridges the same? No, they are different cartridges that are used in different machines.

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