FAQ: What Kind Of Printer Do You Need To Make Waterslide Decals?

Usually inkjet printers are recommended for printing on waterslide decal paper. It provides you with better printing quality. However, not all the models would meet your decal printing requirements. For this, the printer must support different paper sizes and materials including waterslide decal paper.

Can I use any printer for waterslide decals?

There is no need to buy any special printer for making the waterslide decals. You can perform this task without any hassle with the help of an inkjet printer. Inkjet makes the use of inks instead of color toners, unlike laser printers.

Do you need a special printer for waterslide decals?

It depends on the paper type. If the paper is compatible with the printer, then you can use any printer. Usually inkjet printers are recommended for printing on waterslide decal paper. It provides you with better printing quality.

Can you use waterslide paper in a deskjet printer?

The printer does not support waterslide paper. You may refer to the specifications to know supported paper size and paper type. Hope this helps! Keep me posted.

Can you make decals with a inkjet printer?

A decal is basically a special paper with which you will be able to transfer images and designs to another surface. There are numerous ways of making decals, amongst which using an inkjet printer is one of the most effective methods.

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What side of waterslide paper do you print on?

Always print on the Shiny side of the paper. Not sealing your image: When you print onto waterslide the ink is laying on top of the paper if you do not seal it, the ink will run off your paper when you place your decal into the water to activate the adhesive.

Can you seal waterslide with Mod Podge?

Waterslide Paper and other Materials Waterslide Paper – There are two broad types, Waterslide paper for Inkjet Printers and Waterslide paper for Laser Printers. Sealant (for Inkjet printing) – Any acrylic sealer like this Mod Podge Clear Sealer will work.

Do you epoxy after waterslide?

From the manufacture of the waterslide paper their directions are to let dry naturally for 3 days. I always recommend to epoxy over them.

What printers print decals?

10 Best Printer for Making Stickers Reviews- 2022

  1. HP ENVY 5055.
  2. Epson EcoTank ET-2750.
  3. Canon TS9120.
  4. HP OfficeJet 5255.
  5. Brother VC-500W.
  6. Epson WorkForce WF-7710.
  7. Canon Pixma iX6820.
  8. Brother MFC-J895DW.

What is an ALPS printer?

The Alps MD-5000 Photographic-Quality Color Printer is a Micro Dry thermal resin printer capable of 600 or 2400 dots per inch printing for both monochrome and full color images. Alps uses a thermal-resin technology that places various-size dots onto the paper using resins with pigments.

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