FAQ: How To Get A Free Thermal Printer From Ups?

Once you have your UPS.com ID, you will need to call UPS to get your free UPS thermal printer. You can call the UPS customer service center on 1–800–742–5877 or use 1–800–833–0056 if you are hearing impaired and need TTY/TDD access.

How do I get a free thermal printer from USPS?

To get your hands on a free UPS-approved Zebra thermal printer (don’t worry, it’ll work with Inventory Lab, AZLabels, ShipStation, EasyShip, Shippo, etc.), you’ll need to give UPS a call at 1-800-742-5877 (or 1-800-833-0056 for TTY/TTD support). This process goes faster if you already have a UPS ID (sign up).

Does ups have a thermal printer?

UPS offers a free Zebra LP 2844 printer either free of charge or for the nominal amount of $2 per month. On top of that you also get free printing supplies which will save even more money. The Zebra LP 2844 is a great thermal printer that will serve its purpose especially since it is free.

What thermal printers work with UPS?

UPS Internet Shipping will work with the following thermal printer models:

  • Bixolon SRP 770III*
  • Eltron 2442.
  • Eltron 2543.
  • Eltron 2844.
  • OKI Data LD620.
  • Zebra S4M.
  • Zebra ZP450*
  • Zebra ZT230.
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How do I return a thermal printer UPS?

Print and Mail Return Label to Customer Myself – Create and print a UPS return label, then mail it to the customer yourself. You must be able to print to an HP-compatible inkjet or laser printer, or to a supported UPS Thermal Printer (Zebra LP 2844, Zebra S4M, or Zebra ZP450).

How do I add a thermal printer to UPS?

Installing the UPS Thermal Printer Driver with Windows. Download the UPS Thermal Printer Driver.

  1. Install your thermal printer.
  2. Enable the UPS Printer Applet.
  3. Set your browser’s pop-up blocker to accept pop-up windows from ups.com. UPS Internet Shipping and CampusShip use pop-up windows to display labels for printing.

How do I print a UPS thermal label?

You can print labels to your UPS Thermal Printer, a laser printer, or an inkjet printer.

  1. Print using a laser or inkjet printer: From the Begin Your Shipment page, select Ship Now.
  2. Print using the UPS Thermal Printer: From the Begin Your Shipment page, select Ship Now and labels print to the UPS Thermal Printer.

How do I install a thermal printer?

How to setup a USB thermal printer?

  1. Download the latest version of Waiterio:
  2. Install, open and login into the Waiterio application.
  3. Navigate to the PRINTING tab and click on the button ADD PRINTER.
  4. Set the protocol field to ESC POS.
  5. Set the connection field to usb.
  6. Input a name for your printer.
  7. Click on the SAVE button.

Is FedEx thermal printer free?

Yes, for FedEx Ship Manager at fedex.com and FedEx Ship manager users will be able to use a thermal printer provided from FedEx if they meet the placement requirement and complete an agreement.

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Are shipping boxes free at UPS?

Are boxes free at UPS? Yes, UPS provides merchants with free boxes for most shipment. You can order free UPS boxes online at UPS.com.

Are UPS shipping envelopes free?

1. UPS Free Shipping Supplies. UPS may charge a premium for shipping, but they do offer free Express Envelopes, shipping forms, stickers, pouches, and even some HAZMAT supplies. Check your nearest UPS store to pick them up, or order online for free by logging into www.UPS.com.

How do I print a UPS label without a printer?

If you do not have direct access to a printer, there are a number of alternatives you can consider: – E-mail the confirmation (containing the label link) to a friend or neighbour who can print it for you. – Visit your local library, who are likely to have a printer for public use.

What is UPS Pak?

A UPS Pak is a cardboard box designed to wrap around your documents and electronic media for secure and safe fit. Size: 14.75” x 11.5”

Where can I use a thermal printer?

Industrial thermal printers are used most commonly to create labels, safety signs, wayfinding markers, barcodes, shipping labels, and other heavily used items.

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