FAQ: How Much Is A Direct To Garment Printer?

A professional DTG printing machine can cost between $10,000 to $500,000.

Is direct to garment printing expensive?

It costs a minimum of $20,000 to $30,000 for a complete and professional DTG printing setup. The most expensive DTG printing setups can easily exceed $250,000 – though higher-end models often include a comprehensive warranty and maintenance package as well.

Why are direct to garment printers so expensive?

In screen printing, a screen setup cost is involved and can be quite costly with more colors. This makes DTG highly disadvantageous to compete with screen printing. Since it is more expensive to print DTG, it is better to close 50 small orders with custom artwork rather than 5 large orders with simple designs.

How much does it cost to print a DTG shirt?

Typical cost run around 75-85 cents per shirt. I should mention that this can vary depending on the size of the print. For example, a pocket print will cost significantly less than a full front print. You also need to factor in your cost of pretreatment.

How much does a screen printing machine cost?

It costs between $30,000 to $80,000 to invest in a high-quality automatic screen printing machine. That cost includes everything you’ll need to get started.

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Is DTG printing profitable?

DTG printing can net you serious profit for your business. On websites such as zazzle.com and cafepress.com, a custom-made t-shirt sells for $20-25 on average. However, the operating costs to create a single t-shirt using the DTG method only costs you $1-3. That’s quite a profit margin per t-shirt.

Which is better DTG or DTF?

Between the two methods, DTG is more time efficient; about 100 shirts can be printed in about 3 hours. While DTF is cheaper in terms of ink cost and the print quality is slightly better, inefficiency is certainly a big factor and there is no way getting of around the print time of one shirt.

How long does direct to garment printing last?

A number that you hear thrown around is that the industry standard for printed clothing is 50 washes. Many agree, however, that DTG prints will last longer than that. Another way to look at it is that direct-to-garment prints tend to last the life of the garment — and age along with it.

What is a DTF transfer?

Direct to film printing is a unique printing technology that involves printing designs onto special films for transfer onto garments. DTF printing is a heat transfer process that has the ability to last as long as traditional silkscreen prints.

Does direct to garment printing fade?

Durability is something DTG has always struggled with. A quality DTG print can potentially get dozens of washes before it starts fading. Done correctly, screen printing doesn’t have this durability problem. Sure, if the ink isn’t applied or cured properly, even plastisol can fade or deteriorate.

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Why is DTG ink so expensive?

DTG manufacturers produce their own ink to protect their ink proprietorship, and this makes DTG ink expensive for these 2 brands. Fortunately, the Epson F2100 is known to be compatible with a wide range of third-party inks that is cheaper, so we will include Epson-compatible ink costs into our experiment as well.

Does DTG print crack?

DTG Printers It’s lightning-fast and prints vibrant, photo-quality images. The Epson F2100 infuses ink into the shirt, so there’s no cracking or fading of the design.

How many shirts can a DTG printer make?

“How many shirts can I print with a set of DTG printer cartridges?” The short answer is 194 shirts, or 3,039 shirts or 64,516 shirts.

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